Meet the Clergy

Rev. Shay Gaillard

(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Todd Simonis

Associate Rector for Small Groups & Missions /
Canon for Church Planting, Anglican Diocese of S.C.
(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Jamie Sosnowski

Associate Rector for Families
(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Joe Lawrence

Associate Rector
(O) 843-522-1712

Rt. Rev. Alden Hathaway

Bishop in Residence
(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Church Pollak

Priest Associate for Prison Ministry
(O) 843-522-1712
(H) 843-538-6497

Rev. Chad Lawrence

Priest Associate / Headmaster HTCCS
(O) 843-522-0660

Rev. Zach Miller

Assistant to the Rector
(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Keith O'Neal

(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Claudia Carucci

(O) 843-522-1712

Meet the Staff

Jai Dowell

Director of Local Missions
(O) 843-522-1712

Frank Fagan

Grounds Superintendent
(O) 843-522-1712

Melanie Ferguson

Finance and Database Administrator
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 217

Jeff Harbin

Director of Music
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 214

Christina Hunter

Nursery Coordinator

Carol Lee

(O) 843-522-1712

Michael McIntyre

Praise & Worship Leader
(O) 843-452-7345

Anne Mitchell

Pastoral Care Coordinator
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 204
(M) 843-575-1780

Stellena Mumma

Director of Operations and Finance
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 208

Maddie Steen

Small Groups Coordinator
(O) 843-522-1712

Debbie Ten Eyck

Facilities and Parish Events Coordinator
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 203

Corey Vernon

Director of Children Ministry
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 215

Ayers Watson

Director of Information Technology
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 232

Camden Windham

Director of Student Ministries
(O) 843-522-1712 ext. 218

2021 Vestry Members

Mark Benford, John Davis (Junior Warden), Framp Harper, Tom Hetherington, Jane Hincher (Senior Warden), Keith O'Steen, Warren Parker, Mac Sanders, Heidi Smith, Austin Stout, Melba Thomas, Linda Tully, Kathy Mitchell (Clerk of Vestry)